Creative Arts Term 2

What a fantastic start to the term in Creative Arts! We have hit the ground running and all of the classes have been having a ball getting creative!

Senior Learning Community

Last term in the SLC we looked at how music can affect our mood/sense of well-being. We listened to music, talked about different genres of music, how we listened to or used music.  Finally, we made music and wrote lyrics to match.  As the term progressed, an interest in rap music was apparent within the group, and so we created a backing track on an app called ‘Garage Band’ and wrote lyrics to match our songs. What a fantastic experience this was! I was so impressed with the students’ willingness to step out of their comfort zones and really make their songs, their own!

This term we have turned our creativity and enthusiasm to dance and we are having a ball! So far we have looked at the social function of dance in different cultures and times in history and have learned the Virginia Reel (a folk dance), and the Achy Breaky Heart (a line dance – yes! To the one and only Billy Ray Cyrus classic!!). This week we joined Frau Westermann in German lessons to learn some German dances.


In keeping with the theme of following the interests of the students themselves, the students will be researching a dance that is of interest to them, and teaching this dance to the class. I can’t wait to see the variety of dances the students present, and finding out about the history, society, and culture where the dance originated from, or how different styles have influenced the student’s unique choreography!


Middle Learning Community

After the buzz that was the mingling of Digital Technologies and the Arts in Term 1, this term we have changed tack, and are learning a very traditional art form – Landscapes. We have, so far, been learning about how to create realistic perception and depth in our pictures using one point perspective. This also draws on the mathematical skill and knowledge of spacial awareness. We are going to focus our attention on what we can see in a landscape, and how we can accurately put that into our artwork. I am looking forward to seeing how far the students’ progress with these skills and seeing the artworks they create.

Junior Learning Community

After our “junk art” learning experiences last term, we spent the rest of the term looking at the colour wheel.  We exlored how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours, and different classifications of colours (primarily warm and cool colours) while making art to experiment with different colour combinations.

This term, in the lead up to concert at the start of Term 3, we are getting our drama skills out.  This unit also ties in with the learning students are doing in class. The Central Idea of “Children have the right to be safe and healthy” is guiding our content as we create and act out dramas where the students are identifying situations where they feel different emotions, and look out how the choices we make can affect our emotions. As the term progresses, we will delve into how we can make these dramas more effective by use of body positioning, and effective storyboarding to make our acting clear, and easy to interpret. What an exciting term!


Beginning Learning Community

After our explorations in to how the arts can show emotions and feelings, and how we can make art that reflects our emotions and feelings in Term 1, we are now moving in to learning about the Elements of Art. The Elements of Art are… Line, Shape, Colour, Form, Value, Texture and Space.  As the weeks go by, we will look at each of these elements in more detail, to build up knowledge about how to use these elements as ingredients for a recipe to create a masterpiece!  We are also looking into how other artists have used these elements in their masterpieces. This knowledge will add to the students’ understanding of how we can “express, explore and interpret ideas and feelings through visual arts” (which is the Central Idea of the current UOI in class). We are creating our own masterpieces to aid our learning, which we will share with you in the student showcase later in the term!

Middle Learning Community

Advertising attempts to influence the way people think and act.

Students in the MLC have been learning some of the tricks marketers use to advertise products, and we have been critical viewers of identifying these strategies in our favourite and annoying advertisements.  This week, students chose a product that they will work on to create an advertising campaign over the next few weeks.  What would you chose?

Students are already coming up with some catchy slogans!!

Junior Learning Community – How the world works

This week the JLC have been getting close up with the environment to support the central idea of:

Living and non-living things exist in connected communities.

The lines of inquiry are

  • observable features of living and non-living things
  • how living and non-living things are connected within their communities
  • how scientists communicate their findings

As you can see below, we are using our senses to carefully observe a range of fresh and dried leaves, nuts and branches and then record what we see as carefully as possible with shading and attention to detail a focus. Metrosideros Collina - click to show image approx. actual size - this image digitally watermarked and copyright NHM We discussed and viewed artists work from Cook’s adventures on the Endeavour as well as the creativity and imagination May Gibbs applied to native Australian plants in creating the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie series.  Spend some time outdoors exploring the uniqueness of God’s amazing creation!








SLC – Mind the Selfie!

Over the last few lessons, we have been experimenting with lighting, different angles, close-ups, long shots, backgrounds, distance, as well as exploring different features and tools of photographic apps.  Students are working towards putting together a 5-6 image portfolio that reflects their identity.  Students are also keeping note on what and why they have edited the way they have – what is the purpose? mood? message? etc.  What messages will your selfie presentation  communicate to the class, considering such things as: are you always that happy? What in the selfies are accurate? What is obscured or partially hidden? For example, looking closely at the selfie it is possible to just see part of a soccer ball, your favourite sport, or part of your pet? What is unclear or ambiguous or vague?

As you can see, we have some great photographers and image manipulators.  There has also been great discussions about what is real and true, and what is not.



Welcome to 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Creative Arts blog!

As some of you may already be aware, I am teaching Creative Arts across the school this term whilst Mrs Zadow is on leave.  I am so enjoying getting to know all of the students during our lessons.  Creative Arts covers the five different subjects of visual arts, media arts, drama, dance, and music.

At the moment, the Beginning Learning Community are focussing on music.  We have been finding the beat in songs and in everyday items such as a ticking clock.  We move to different types and beats of music, sing and play instruments to music.  Some students have even written and share their own body percussion tunes!  Finding beats also helps develop an understanding of syllables in words.  You could try all of this at home!

The Junior Learning Community are focussing on drama skills and performing in front of others as part of there inquiry into challenges and risks.  Here we are identifying emotions using facial and whole body expressions.

There was so much discussion and vocabulary!


The Middle Learning Community are also having a drama focus, learning about, creating and critiquing tableaus.  There is a lot of group work, problem solving and imagination in these tasks.  Stay tuned for some images of the tableaus – see if you can discover their stories!  We will also extend their understanding of role and situation as they offer, accept and extend their ideas in improvisation.

The Senior Learning Community are exploring the media arts through selfies.  We have defined what a selfie, self portraits and portraits are, how these have/have not changed over time, and the purpose of them.  In the images below, we are sorting and critically analysing a range of “selfies” from now and the past, using terms such as composition, lighting, mood, perspective etc, as well as the intent and the messages it conveys.  This will eventually lead us into creating our own selfie using a range of photographic software.

Claymation Videos!

Welcome to the end of Term 1.

As promised, here are just a few of the Year 6 completed Claymation Videos. The students have worked very hard on these throughout the term and they should be very proud of their efforts.

When inquiring into Claymation, the students discovered how long it takes to create an animation. Students were amazed to discover the creators of the movie ‘Chicken Run’ took 110,880 frames. Some of the students within our art lessons took around 700 frames.

Students used iMovie or iMotion on their ipads to create their Claymation video.

We hope you enjoy!

Ms. Lauran Clayton


Kaitlan and Rylee – Mans best friend

Taylah and Lily – Art

Fletcher – Dancing

Ester and Jade – Pigs

Damon and Noah – Rugby

Take a Look!


We are having an absolute blast in the Creative Art room this term. The students have worked really hard to create some stunning master pieces. Our room is full of vibrant colour and feels exciting from the moment you step through the door. We have had a few students bring parents and friends in to show off their art and we welcome anyone who wishes to visit. For those of you who can’t pop in, here are a few of the students’ final pieces which are on display in our room. Stay tuned for our Year 6 Claymation videos!

Ms. Lauran Clayton

IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0916 IMG_0917